If you are looking for sports to bet on that could be quite lucrative, you do not need to look much further than the sports of horse racing, football and tennis. Not only are these three sports incredibly fun and exciting to watch, they can also pay out large amounts if you are lucky enough to win when betting on them.


Horse racing — Horse racing has been gambled on for thousands of years. It has become popular in modern times due to the large number of races being held every day, as well as the number of races you can watch live on TV as they are being run.


Horse racing can also be a lucrative sport to bet on, with payouts being consistently larger than those for American football, basketball or baseball.


It is also a sport people enjoy gambling on as, due to the immense amount of information available about horses and riders, it can be easy to predict the outcome of a race.


Football — Football has been popular for over 200 hundred years. Ever since it was invented in United Kingdom sometime in the 1800s. In recent times, it has become one of the most popular games to watch either live or on TV. To the point that over two billion people now say football is their favorite sport.


The popularity of the sport has also spilled over to the gambling world, where football is now the top sport to bet on. This is due to there always being football games to gamble on, as well as due to the many different types of bets you can place on any given game.


Simple bets can be placed on a team to win or lose, or on a draw for the match. More complicated bets offered by many a kasino online involve the number of goals scored in a match, the number of goals a match was won by or even on who scored the goals. The more complicated the betting, the higher the payout will be.


No wonder then that hundreds of thousands of people are gambling on football in any given hour, and millions more joining them by the end of the day.


Tennis — Gambling on tennis has become hugely popular in the last 20 or 30 years. Especially as tournaments like Wimbledon, the French Open and the Australian Open have become such iconic events.


There are many other tennis matches being held around the world at any given time, so there are always opportunities for placing a few bets on the outcome of a match.


Tennis players have also become extremely popular and, with so much information available about any player, it can be easier to predict the outcome of a match than if betting on other sports.


Payouts too can be quite high, which is why so many sports gamblers now also gamble on tennis.