A new gambling game called DominoQQ has been taking the online casino world by storm in recent months.

In fact, when many casino owners look at the most popular games on their sites, DominoQQ is often on that list.

What exactly is DominoQQ, how is it played and where should you play it if you are also interested in finding out why the game is so popular?

What is DominoQQ? — DominoQQ is a game that is played with dominoes instead of the playing cards these types of games usually use.

The game originated in Indonesia many years ago and is likely based on another similar game called pai gow. It plays similarly to poker, but with different types of hands allowing a player to win.

How is it played? — The game is played with a double set of ordinary white or black dominoes.

In the offline world, before the game begins, the blank dominoes are taken out of the two sets. In the online world, the domino sets do not include them.

The game starts with every player betting the same amount. Those bets are put into the pot, with more bets being added as the game continues. Dominoes are then dealt to every player and the game officially begins.

In the first round, a player’s options are similar to those in poker as they can choose to bet or to fold if their hand is a poor one. If another player has already gone before them, they also have the options of raising or calling.

In some games during the first round, only one player will have a strong enough hand to bet on. At the end of that round, that player is the only person that can win.

If two or more decide to place bets, the game continues on into a second and final round. The gameplay is the same but, in this round, the betting limits that were set in the first two rounds do not apply.

The winner of the game is the one holding the best cards at the end of that second round. All players must reveal their cards in order for the best hand to be verified.

Where should you play? — If you would like to try playing, Domino Qiu Qiu Online is better than offline as you can play from home. There are also many people playing the game, so it will be easy for you to find games to join.

If you do not already gamble online and do not have a casino you like and trust, ask other people that also play DominoQQ if they can recommend a good one.

Some of these players hang out in Internet forums dedicated to gambling. You can also use these forums to clarify DominoQQ rules before you begin to play.